Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michael Fracasso

I find myself sitting in my favorite chair at the bar tonight at The Continental Club. It's a balmy Wednesday night and Michael Fracasso is filling Jon Dee Graham's usual slot in the line-up. And that's why I'm here, staring at a crowd that's much older than I'm used to seeing. I'm excited to finally see Michael Fracasso.

Tonight I'm one of only two blondes in the club; the other blonde purchased her locks.
I'm sitting next to an interesting couple: the man is somewhat unattractive and lumpy, and the woman is wearing a white cocktail dress that looks like a Dress Barn sale special. All I can think is a high tech big earner has bought himself company for the evening.

A middle aged woman in a grocery store sundress and wearing a thick gold band on her left ring finger slaps a younger tattooed guy who is ringless on the ass and pulls him by the hand toward the back as Michael Fracasdo sings "one by one, one by one."

There's a girl in a long maxi dress is having a personal rave - complete with long straight hair whipping around in a orbit of her skull - down near the stage. It's drunk dancing girl on steroids. And the red glow of the Continental Club only enhances her mystique.

I'm loving Michael Fracasso's music: Michael is playing facile rhythm guitar on a beautiful acoustic. His lead player is rocking a beautiful Les Paul (swoon!), and his style is bluesy rocking Americana. It reminds me of the Blue Velvet soundtrack - if that soundtrack had been Americana. I keep looking for a naked Patty Griffin to walk in the door, and Jesse Dayton to cover her up.

And once again, the two best looking guys in the club are completely into each other.
It's Wednesday night in Austin, Texas my friends.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Change is Good

Last year I started this blog to chronicle the music I was hearing in and around Austin, Texas.  The feedback I have received has been mostly positive, with the primary critique being “post more often!” With this in mind, I have decided to expand the blog to include a review of each musical outing.  I still intend to review the music in detail, but an in depth review won’t be included in each post.  You asked for it, so here it comes. Hold on to your knickers!

And so, tomorrow night: The Continental Club and Michael Fracasso….