Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dave Scher

I'm sitting at the Reunion Grille on a breezy Spring Saturday evening. I can see the 183A toll traffic passing by at 90mph, and a bevy of children are running amok under a grove of live oaks. But I'm here for Dave Scher and the promise of a guy, alone on stage, with his guitar.

There he sits, looking a bit like Cody Canada, absent tattoos. He's playing a gorgeous Martin. And I'm desperately trying not to notice that damn capo clipped to the peg-head.

Beer number two has washed over me, and his lovely tenor is floating on the breeze. Listening to him cover first Georgia and now Route 66, I have to concede: Dave Scher is an extremely facile and talented guitar player. I mean, he's playing the bass line and the guitar part, all at the same time, on the same instrument.

Okay, I admit it. I'm going to go to another show. And I'm going to buy a CD. I want to know more.

Nights like this are a very good reason to live in Austin, Texas.

I'm sneaking away now, before he realizes I smell like garden dirt and lasagna. And before I regret being out in shorts as the sunsets and the temperature drops. And before I have to take off my sunglasses and lose my mysterious-blonde-sitting-in-the-sunset-with-a-beer-mystique.

Besides, he's covering Pride and Joy. And I'm rapt. How I love my boys on stage with their guitars.

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Location:Reunion Grille, Cedar Park