Sunday, September 30, 2012

Charlie Mars - I Bet I'm Not The First Girl to Try Not To Think of Him

A little over a year ago, I discussed Charlie Mars in this blog. I sincerely enjoyed his music but found myself disdainful of his demographic and their starry-eyed worship.  Well, he came out with a new album in August, Blackberry Light, and I absolutely love it.  It's full of the sweet sentiment that I eschew daily, but so help me God, I'm caught, well and truly. 

Throughout the album, the rhythms are catchy and complex.  His songwriting is profound: I'm in awe of the many relationship facets he's managed to canvas.  The instrumentation is beautiful.  Charlie's voice is smooth and relaxing. The problem is this: Charlie is all breathy vocals. In fact, the entire album makes me feel as if he's standing right behind me which both hands on my shoulder. He's moved my hair to one side and he's whispering these lyrics into my ear. And I sway....

I caught him live at The Belmont the week after I downloaded the album.  While the opening act, Griffin House, was onstage, I snuck to the back to peruse the merchandise. As it happened, Charlie made his way to the table as I stood there. I took the chance to pick up a hard copy of Blackberry Light and get it signed before the throngs of women figured out he was there and began their attempts at meaningful eye contact. It was easy to tell him I loved Blackberry Light and not stare at his carefully dishevled hair.

When Charlie's turn came later, he was skilled and professional. He covered all the highlights from his previous works and the best of the new album.  My demographic represented, just as I knew they would.  Hayes Carll and his wife were standing a few feet away and I was immensely amused at the quizzical expression that never left Hayes' brow.  The beer was ice cold, the outdoor stage was September-In-Austin-Steamy and the music was firing on all 4. I let myself slip into the groove, cloaked in the near anonymity of the dark crowd.  Tell me something: why is it so easy for men to get such beautifully defined triceps?

You know, sometimes I'm just a silly girl. And no, that's not a CougarBeat Poster on my wall.

The first single on the new album. Oh, yes, love this one:

"I shouldn't have smoked so much weed, I shouldn't have done so much blow...." well, who hasn't been there?

"I bet I'm not the first boy to try not think of you...." This song is worth it for that lyric alone.

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